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How Does An Oscillating Spindle Sander Work


An oscillating spindle sander can be described as a bench top (or in commercial models, a floor-standing) tool used to polish rough edges on wood. It has a small tabletop and a sanding cylinder that extends out from the back of the tabletop. While the sanding drum rotates it also rotates upwards and downwards, opening almost the entire surface of the drum to wood as it is being sanded. This action of moving up and down helps in removing grooves for sanding along the edge of the board. Additionally, it helps to ensure to wear down of the drum that is sanded with abrasive.

What Is An Oscillating Spindle Sander?

Certain spindle sanders can oscillate, moving upwards and down along the vertical line. This type of vertical oscillation is often helpful to extend the longevity of the sanding area and also helps to prevent static friction that can cause burns and markings on the wood.

How to Pick an Oscillating Spindle Sander that Suits Your Needs?

After you have learned the basics of oscillating spindle spindles, it’s time to select the best one for your requirements.

The dimension of the motor: The motor determines how powerful the sander is. If you’re dealing with large tasks, you’ll require a sander with a large motor. A less powerful motor is sufficient for working on small projects around the home.

The kind of speed control: There are two kinds of control for speed” electronic and variable speed control of speed. The variable speed controller is the most common and reliable, while the electronic control of speed is much more accurate. You’ll need a sander equipped with electronic speed control when you’re performing work that requires precision.

The weight of the sander that is heavier is more stable and easy to work with than a lighter one. If you must move the sander around, you may prefer a smaller model.

The warranty is that Oscillating Spindle Belt Sander are costly, and a cordless leaf blower is a must, so be sure the model you pick comes with a solid warranty.

Safety Tips for Oscillating Spindle Sanders

While spindle sanders are among the most efficient and popular sanding equipment in the woodworking field, however, they can also be extremely hazardous. This is why there are several essential safety rules to be followed when using this serious device. A mistake could land you in the hospital or worse, turn the user into an amputee.

Why You Should Understand Spindle Sanders?

Spindle sanders also known as oscillating spindle sanders are fantastic tools for woodworking projects such as furniture construction and many more. Smoothing out edges and smoothing curves are the ideal tasks to do with spindle sanders. Similar to that of the random orbit sander oscillating spindle sanders work great to smooth flat surfaces, too.

Final Thoughts

For any Oscillating Spindle Belt Sander procedure, the most effective results are generally achieved using gradually finer abrasive grades as you advance. So, you should begin your sanding process with the coarsest size (60 -100) and then follow up with a medium grit (120 up to 180) and then an extremely fine grit (220 and up) Sanding. Each subsequent sanding will lessen the marks of sanding created by the higher grit of the previous sanding. It will also create an even, smooth edge.

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