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5 Cool and Unusual Things to Do in Charlotte


We all know the typical stops when you’re visiting a new town. Check out the local restaurants, shops, museums, and major attractions. Sometimes, we need to change it up. Here are the best unusual things to do in Charlotte, North Carolina.


Carowinds is a theme park in Charlotte that is close to the hearts of locals. They have created an amazing park with rides, games, a waterpark, and tons of delicious grub. Opened for 45 years, they are open year-round with a hotel and campgrounds for multiple-day stays. Even now, during the winter months, there is plenty to do at Carowinds.

Winterfest at Carowinds is a time for celebrating the December holidays that we all love and cherish. During this magical month, you can enjoy light displays, ice skating, and live entertainment for the whole family. You can hop on the sky tower and learn a bit about the park while viewing the magic of the dazzling Christmas lights. Carowinds offers some really exciting holiday family activities as well. Watch as your kiddos write letters to Santa and sit back with some cocoa as you watch the nightly Winterfest Wonderland Parade.

Carowinds celebrates more than just Christmas. You can usually find an event happening for almost every holiday or season. They like to see themselves as more than just a theme park but a destination for all things fun.

U.S. National Whitewater Center

Founded in 2001 White water was created to bring the community together over different recreational activities. It’s really like a theme park but an extreme version. Their overall mission is to promote active lifestyles, promote outdoor exploration, and share these experiences with others.

There are over 30 different recreational activities available here. You can also find a substantial amount of competitions and festivals held in celebration of outdoor sports. There’s something for everyone at Whitewater such as ice-skating, rock climbing, and zip-lining.

AvidXChange Music Factory

This area was created to be an epicenter of activity similar to the SOHO district in New York City. It was to be built as a place for entertainment, offices, and residential living. Today it is a busy part of downtown. There are two main venues, the Charlotte Metro Credit Union Amphitheatre and the Fillmore Charlotte. Catch some of your favorite performers playing here almost any night of the week.

While you’re there, stop in the WORLD Nightclub or the Comedy Zone. It is worth it to just go on a weekend. You’ll find something fun to do and something delicious to eat. Several restaurants and bars dot the complex so you can be out all night and not have to even leave the Factory district.

Walking Tours

A walking tour is a great way to get some exercise and see the actual town or city you are visiting. As we stated above, when we’re headed to new locations, we tend to follow the same routines with activities. Don’t get us wrong, we love museums and art galleries, but sometimes it’s necessary to switch it up.

Charlotte offers a variety of walking tours. Many visitors like to visit the Forth Ward district in Charlotte. Victorian homes and breathtaking churches line the streets giving you a glimpse into Charlotte’s historical architecture. If you’re feeling brave, you must check out one of the many haunted walking tours. However, if you’re hoping to move to the area, maybe you don’t want to know all the haunted spots in town. However, there are plenty of NOT haunted Charlotte apartments for rent if you’re hoping to make this southern city your new home.

The Schiele

So technically the Schiele is a Museum, however, there is always room on our lists for a planetarium. More than just a way to connect us to the stars, this planetarium they refer to as a Science Theater. With advancements in technology, planetariums have certainly stepped up their game. It’s truly a perfect experience for those who are passionate about exploring everything that earth and space have to offer.

Check out their laser shows and catch seasonally-themed shows in the planetarium all year round. Currently, they are holding a Holiday laser light show and a Pink Floyd musical experience under the stars. After your show, or even before, make a stop at the exhibits and check out their educational displays of Native Americans in the region, wildlife of the stone age, or the farm animals on site.

Hopefully, these side quests will provide you and your family with the experiences you’re craving during your visit. And if you are moving to the Charlotte area then you have even more knowledge of the city under your belt. Explore your new city and maybe you’ll find your personal favorite attraction.

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