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Creative Quartz and Granite Countertops to Break the Design Mold


Customize your Toledo or Perrysburg home kitchen or bath with some new twists on countertop design from the granite and quartz experts at The Countertop Shop.

Oval Islands and Curved Edges Soften Your Casual Design

Switch out that boring and outdated rectangle with an oval island that removes sharp edges and straight lines when admiring your kitchen. Did you know that with our CNC granite and quartz saws, we can create a countertop in any shape that you desire?

Explore Trending Warm Tones in Granite and Quartz

Are you looking for something different than white and gray tones that have taken over the world in recent years? Today’s home decor trends include rich brown, copper, and warm hues of beige. Since quartz is manufactured and granite is a natural stone, both offer unique options to include this hot new look in your home.

Contrasting Colors to Delineate Open Concept Spaces

Open concept is wonderful until every surface in it uses a single color. Adding a contrasting granite counter to the island helps to break up the space and define your lounging and eating area without adding walls.

Open Quartz Shelves in Your Personal Spa

How do you go upscale when changing out the countertops in the bathroom? Order a set of quartz shelves that match your countertop to unify your private spa space while adding elegance and a touch of glamour.

Cantilever Island Seating to Expand Function

Sometimes it feels like your compact island only has room for the cooktop or sink. When you extend the back of the island by six to eight inches, there is now room to pull up a stool for a warm cup of coffee and some chat. Ask our design experts for other ways to make your island a multi-tasking space.

Matching Undermount Sinks for that Contemporary Twist

Achieve that seamless back countertop look by adding an undermount sink that matches your choice in granite or quartz. You can find sinks that range from white to beige to black that take the outdated stainless steel out of your decor equation.

Find Inspiration in Granite and Quartz Design at Our Showroom

When you want to see and touch life-sized examples of the latest in granite and quartz countertops near your Toledo or Perrysburg home, swing by the showroom at The Countertop Shop in Monclova, OH today.

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