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Best Beauty Gifts to Give in UAE


Searching for and deciding on what gifts to give is the most annoying task ever. If you are looking for a gift to give your friend now that she has shifted to a new apartment, or looking for a gift for her birthday, or a friend’s anniversary, you have come to the right place. You don’t need to look any further than here to find out what your friend would want. It could be a nice perfume that she has wanted for a long time or a nice candleholder for the candles you gifted her last year. Maybe some more candles would be wiser to give since she burns them out at the speed of light. Whatever you might think, here are some options to help you clarify that ‘What to Gift’ list into a couple of affordable options. These options are not too heavy on your pockets, neither are they too impersonal.

Keep on reading to find out the best beauty gifts to give in UAE to your friends, family or even colleagues.

1- Sandalwood Vanilla Gift Box Set

You might think to yourself if a gift box is truly the best option there is. Well, without doubt it is. This gorgeously packed set of three self-care items carry the theme of balmy days and relaxation. The box includes an essential oil mist, the ultimate hydration body cream and body wash & foam bath – all three infused with the scent of sandalwood and vanilla. By gifting your friend this beauty gift box, you will make them feel very cherished and taken care of. The products are arranged in an easel-style with a decorative ribbon that matches the theme. Use the Bath & Body Work cashback deals for your purchase.

2- The Limited Edition Gingham Gift Bundle

This all-rounder pack is a delectable gift for any of your lady friends, especially for a birthday. This gift bundle comes with a bath bomb, a fragrance mist, body lotion, shower gel, a loofah, and both 3-wick and single wick candles, all Gingham-scented. All of these products are beautifully wrapped and packed up in a thick dark blue bag which is reusable and washable. All these products have the sweet scent of strawberries and peonies with a touch of peach infused in their formulae to make it truly irresistible. Since it is limited edition, snatch it up quickly before it completely sells out!

3- Soap or Candle Holder

Last but not the least, if these choices seem too extravagant or too pricey, you have the candle Holders and the Soap holders. A fun soap holder would be somewhat of a fun gift that your friend would really appreciate. If the person you are giving the gift to is particularly into candles (or you have given them candles before) then a candle holder is a perfectly great idea. Light-up Gator soap holder is a fun option but a more aesthetic option is the Gold Textured Pineapple soap holder. The Marble Orb Pedestal is a very beautiful single wick candle holder and the Star Pedestal comes in three engaging colors of white, blue and red.

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