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All about Ute Trays


Ute tray

One of the numerous advantages of a custom tray is that it gives more cargo space than a standard vehicle. Custom Ute trays in Gold Coast are beneficial to tradies and construction workers since they often need more space for equipment and supplies. Unlike a typical automobile, they allow you to move heavy goods (such as furniture, plants, etc.) Utility trucks come in all shapes and sizes, and that means you may find yourself using the Ute tray to transport a variety of items.

What are the functions of aluminium Ute trays?

Ute trays are often built to withstand the rigorous load of heavy-duty machinery. However, if you want to give the back of your car a little more protection, they are ideal. Protect your vehicle’s rear end from even the heaviest loads installed with the heavy-duty tray. The tray may be damaged in the future if not properly cared for. But an aluminium tray can withstand the rigours of daily use for years to come. The metal tray makes it much simpler to load and unload objects. To make loading your equipment more accessible, you can remove the walls of the container.

Even if you’re utilising the business vehicle, the tray will still be helpful. You don’t have to be concerned about the safety of your deliveries when you place them on the tray. A bespoke aluminium tray may be built and put at the back of your Ute. Adding an above-board provides added safety.

Enhancing the visual appeal of your automobile

Installing a tray in your Ute gives you a more professional appearance and validates your business if you’re a tradesperson. It might even be used for advertising. When you arrive at the job site, customers will see you as more than just a guy in a truck, and they’ll have more faith in your talents.

The addition of a tray to your Ute may significantly improve the appearance of an older vehicle. An aluminium tray can be installed instead of a used tub to give the car an updated appearance. Having your automobile repaired after an accident or corroding is an excellent alternative.

Getting in and out of your Ute with no problem

Some Ute trays include built-in step rails that make it simpler to get into the space. Using this when you need to get out of your Ute tray and reach an item or lift something heavy is quite helpful. It is possible to pick from a wide range of choices like a frame at the rear and stairs on either side or a mini-step design.

For the office, it’s ideal

For vehicles that are used for business, Ute trays are a must-have. It’s simple to place the trays on the Ute’s body because they’re custom-made. Whether you’re going camping, surfing, or doing anything else, you won’t have to worry about running out of storage space while on your trip. You can bring every kind of stuff you need with you.

In contrast to automobiles, Utes are utilised as mobile workstations since they can be towed behind a vehicle. Based on your unique requirements, a variety of features must be accommodated in the design. Take a peek at these tray designs for inspiration if you’re looking to replace your current ones.

You’ll need lockable trays in your truck if you’re transporting pricey tools and heavy equipment in the construction industry. With a giant overhead board, you’ll be able to haul heavier loads and keep your drivers safe. You may put your smaller tools in a different area beneath the Ute tray storage box.


With a lockable toolbox, you can keep your supplies safe. You won’t have to lug oversized items back and forth from your business each day. Lockable Ute trays provide safe storage for your tools and may be mounted anywhere on your truck.

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