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A healthy way of living is something that everyone aspires to


Having a healthy life is getting more difficult due to the ever-increasing levels of pollution in our environment. One of nature’s most precious resources, water, has become severely depleted due to human activity. Water is essential for life, yet poor water quality can cause many health problems. But don’t panic; water purifiers are there to save the day. This article will primarily examine alkaline water purifier and touch on reverse osmosis (RO) and ultraviolet (UV) water purifiers in passing.

Alkaline water has several advantages

  • After a strenuous workout, alkaline water is preferable to regular water for hydration.
  • Anti-ageing benefits can be acquired with alkaline water. Liquid antioxidants, which enter the body more quickly, make this feasible.
  • When you drink alkaline water, your immune system will be helped.
  • Alkaline water may have anti-cancer qualities, according to several studies.
  • Several modest studies have shown that alkaline water can aid in losing weight by raising metabolism and improving digestion.
  • Alkaline water promotes healthier skin and better digestion because of its detoxifying characteristics.

Using an Alkaline vs UV Water Purifier

With an alkaline water filter, the pH of water is increased. An alkaline cleaner eliminates the toxic acids in tap water. Alkaline water filters raise the pH of the water, which is beneficial to the body.

Now, explore how a UV water filter works

  • The total dissolved salts are lower (TDS). Because UV filters soften the water, they add TDS to it.
  • UV technology is employed to ensure that the water is safe and free of parasites. Because it doesn’t utilise chemicals to cleanse the water, it tastes better. Bacteria are also killed by UV light.
  • An alkaline water purification system is fundamentally different from UV purifiers when it comes to water purification. Drinking water that has been purified with either of these devices is safe and healthy.
  • Because of technological advances, alkaline water filters and Ultraviolet water purifiers can now be integrated into a single water purifier.

Water Purifier: RO vs Alkaline Water Purification

Alkaline water filters don’t use electricity to purify water, whereas reverse osmosis (RO) systems can’t cleanse water without it. As a result, electricity is needed to power RO’s hydraulic pressure systems.

Alkaline water filters, UV, and RO purifiers make water healthier. However, RO eliminates the minerals from the water.

The RO uses push to release all dissolved particles, but this procedure also results in water loss through evaporation and condensation. In contrast, there is no water wasted while using an alkaline water purifier. Alkaline water filters don’t take up a lot of space in your kitchen and are easy to use.

When buying a home alkaline water filter, what to look for – helpful hints

  • Make sure you buy a water purifier which best suits your home’s water quality in light of this information.
  • The taste and odour of your water should play a role in your decision to purchase a water filter.
  • Additionally, consider if your water is more contaminated with sediment or unseen microorganisms.
  • You can tell if your water is contaminated by looking at its texture. You can better assess your water quality if you keep all of these considerations in mind.
  • Analyse how much water you use daily in your house. Determine if you need a tall water purifier or a low-powered water purifier based on how much water you drink each day.
  • Make a budget and stick to it. Consider your budget before purchasing a water purifier.
  • It will help you make an informed decision regarding water purification. For example, there are ultraviolet (UV), ultrafiltration (UF), ozone (RO), alkaline (AL), and other types of water purifiers.
  • Learn about the many water purification methods and the results that may be expected from each. After you’ve figured out what you want, make a decision. This method will make it easy for you to select a water purifier.
  • In contrast to UV and RO water purifiers, which require power to operate, alkaline water filters don’t.
  • It is recommended that water purifiers be serviced every 3 to 4 months by a trained specialist.

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