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What You Should Know About The Latest Water Purifiers


Some of the best appliances that a person can use in their homes are a water purifier. Generally, there are three types of home-based water purifiers. These are cleaners that use RO, UV or UF filters for purification. People in India generally tend to use RO purifiers the most.

These purifiers possess a filter that has a reverse osmosis membrane. The membrane helps purify water by separating most solid and chemical impurities. The maintenance of these is also relatively simple. One can learn more about these cleaners on the internet by using keywords like RO service near me in Ahmedabad

However, in recent times, the market has experienced the rise of new types of cleaners. These are multi-stage purifiers that can combine the working principles of many filters. These can contain many different types of filters and other technologies. Combining these technologies helps make water more hygienic and healthy for drinking.

However, most people in India do not know much about these appliances. These machines can help them get the opportunity to drink water that can enhance their health conditions. This is important in India, where people might not always find water suitable for drinking.

The 8-Stage Water Purifier

One of the best multi-stage purifiers is one containing eight purification steps. This purifier contains a combination of reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration and ultraviolet filters. The reverse osmosis and ultra-filtration filters remove most impurities and germs. After this, the ultraviolet filters use UV light to kill any remaining microbes.

The first two stages consist of pre-filtration systems. The water must go through two sediment pre-filters that remove most solid impurities. In the third stage, the water goes through a carbon pre-filter that again removes many impurities. It also improves the taste and smell of water by removing many pollutants.

In the next two stages, the water goes through two membranes. These are the reverse osmosis and the ultra-filtration components. Both membranes remove most germs and solid as well as chemical impurities. One can learn more about their working principles by typing water purifier service in Ahmedabad online.

After this, the water moves through a post-carbon filter. This again improves the taste and smell of water by removing most pollutants. It also adds many essential minerals while removing unwanted ones. The water again moves through a mineral cartridge that adds more healthy minerals.

Lastly, the water then moves through the ultraviolet filters. This filter emits UV rays that kill off most remaining germs. This ensures that the water is fit for drinking and will not cause disease.

The 9-Stage Water Purifier

Another advanced form of water purifier is the one with nine stages. Most of these cleaners might differ from one another based on their designs. However, these purifiers contain RO, UV and UF filters. These also contain sediment and carbon pre and post-filters, just like the eight staged ones.

The current 9-stage purifiers have the same working principle as the ones with eight stages.

However, these can also contain an extra feature, such as an ioniser or water softener. The main purpose of this feature is to reduce the hardness present in water.

The water softener forms the stage after the pre-filtration systems. This enables the purifiers to soften the water before it goes through the reverse osmosis membranes. After going through the post-filtration systems, the water passes through the ionising chambers.

This again helps to soften the water further. However, this also enhances the pH levels of water. This makes the water alkaline and thereby beneficial for drinking.

Maintenance Of The Purifiers

The maintenance of the purifiers is not very complex. One can wash and clean the filtration systems to remove the most accumulated impurities. One can also replace the filters or membranes when their warranty expires.

A user might not always need to replace their filter membranes too. Extensive filtration removes most impurities before the water passes through the UV and RO chambers. Due to this reason, the membranes do not suffer much from damage.

Which One Is The Best Purifier?

Both eight and 9-stage purifiers are good in their own right. Both use many purification processes to provide you with water of superior quality. However, the 9-stage purifiers are better.

This is because these can provide softened and alkaline water. These also tend to last longer. However, the efficiency of both types of purifiers depends on their designs. These cleaners might not always have the same design and stage placement.

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