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What are Different Types of Employee Discrimination in the Workplace?


Workplace discrimination is not a new concept because we have seen differences. Employees feel unfair, retaliatory, and discriminatory incidents at the workplace. There are employment laws that help employees to overcome discrimination. 

If you face such employment discrimination at workplaces in Austin, you can consult a lawyer for equal treatment. You can consult various lawyers and learn more about employee discrimination.

What is Employment Discrimination? 

Employee discrimination at the workplace includes any prohibition based on race, religion, caste, sex, national origin, age, disability, genetic information, and citizenship. This is the general overview of employee discrimination. However, there are various types of discrimination that employees face in the workplace. 

Major discrimination against employees is seen in hiring, firing or disciplining a person with ill intentions. They may deny training, pay less, or any other type of harassment that may lead to discrimination. 

What are Different Types of Employee Discrimination? 

Race Discrimination

Race discrimination can take place in many forms in the workplace. The main intention in such bias is to treat someone differently and unfavorably because of their characteristics and race. The discriminatory racial aspects involve skin color, texture, facial features, and complexion. It also consists of another characteristic which states that if a person is married to a different person, so in this case, both are getting discriminated against. 

Color discrimination

This is a well-known discrimination which is based on skin color complexion. We have seen many instances in the states where people are discriminated against based on skin color. 

Gender Discrimination

Gender discrimination has been present for decades, and there are various instances where women are discriminated against in the workplace. They are given less pay for the same work, delayed promotion, terminated the rise due to pregnancy, hiring discrimination due to maternity leave and many more. 

Age Discrimination

Employee discrimination is also probably found in the age factor; there are some incidents when people of older age are not hired, assuming the low potential of work. When hiring is not based on individual merits and age is considered while hiring, it is not desirable and therefore comes under discrimination. 

Disability Discrimination

The individuals should be assessed based on their merit and not on the stereotype of disability. When the employer hires based on disability, they are discriminated against based on their disability. Employers must understand and believe in the employees’ abilities irrespective of their disability. 


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