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The Best Personalized Reusable Tote Bags


Shoulder bags are very fashionable considering the great versatility, lightness and reliability. But the real question is: why would you need a tote bag custom and what uses can be made of this marketing item?

First of all, let’s start by saying that this bag, obviously, to offer good advertising must present the print of its brand in a central and clearly visible position. Therefore, the choice does not fall so much on the shape – which we can easily define as a standard – as on the quality of the materials that inevitably lead to the durability and resistance of the printing on fabrics.

Better than fidelity cards, bags induce purchase given the strong psychological component that interests buyers in receiving a “free” bag that can be reused in many different occasions and situations.

In addition, the uses are truly infinite: they can be resold in your store, they can be used instead of bags at the time of purchase (dand or a sustainable and ecological image of the company) or they can be distributed during fairs and events.

The main materials are cotton, polypropylene and polyester

Cotton bags are the most classic choice when it comes to Tote Bags, given the softness of this material. In addition, cotton is the best surface to print your logo on. The benefits of cotton Tote Bags are: natural and biodegradable fibers, durability, softness of materials, resistance of tear-resistant materials and the possibility of washing in the washing machine.

The polypropylene bags are composed of plastic material, which is a very common choice given its strong resistance and the excellent rendering of the prints on the extremely smooth surface of the outside.

For this latter characteristic they are also called “bags without interlacing”, since the materials are not woven into knits as in the case of cotton. The benefits of polypropylene Tote Bags are: resistance and durability, high density of materials, recycled from waste materials, possibility of choosing between woven or non-woven fibers and finally they are resistant to chemical agents.

Bags in PET ( polyethylene terephthalate) are extremely light and flexible; because of these characteristics they are perfect to hold in the hand, given their compact size, and are excellent for carrying objects that are not too heavy. The main benefits are: flexible materials that make it extremely compact, water resistant, easy to wash / clean and finally resistant to creases.

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One of the perfect models for every day is the tote bag : in shape it is similar to the shopper , rectangular or trapezoidal, it is a large bag, with double handle and is worn easily.

The casual design tote bag can be combined with a daytime look, or to break up an outfit, becoming perfect for office work. The peculiarity of the tote bag is the absence of closures in the upper part, allowing you to put things on with practicality, being large, in fact, you can put everything in it. t can be combined with many outfits and is perfect for everyday life .

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