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How Have Textured Labels and Stickers Helped in Getting a Product Noticed?


For years, marketers have been using the same material for packaging and labelling their products. Plastic, rubber, metal foils, paper, cloth, and fabrics have been the popular choice by manufacturers to print labels for their products. However, in recent times, a new and popular choice for labelling products has become textured stickers.

Consider yourself as a consumer who is walking around in a store trying to buy a few products for your use. There are several brands in different categories placed on the shelves. What will be the first few factors you would look for when choosing a product? The first thing a customer gets attracted to or is impressed by a product is its labelling and packaging. Now imagine that you are looking at a few options of a hand cream when you come across one bottle with a unique label that makes the product stand out from the others.

Whether you buy or don’t buy the product doesn’t matter. But you are the most attracted to know how it differs from others. So, how does it all impact a product or business? Digitally textured labels or stickers have impressed manufacturers because they give a product a new feel and texture. It adds more personality and depth to the product, which the masses like.

Below you’ll find some advantages of textured labels; scroll down to learn more.

Textured Labels make a product stand out.

The introduction briefly explains how textured stickers can make a product stand out. But you must know that stickers come in various shapes and designs, and you can get them customised according to your preferences and desires.

Textured Labels make a product exclusive.

When a product stands out based on its packaging, it is given separate respect. Textured labels give a sense of luxury. Yes, the price of the textured sheet is higher than paper, plastic, and rubber labels. By experimenting with textured labels, you categorise your product to be of superior quality and offer exclusivity.

Textured Labels help in building a brand reputation.

Brands that spend money on labelling and packaging their products are considered trusted and reputed by others—poor product labelling results in a lack of faith and trust from consumers. In the current circumstances, buyers are compulsive and don’t give enough attention to brands that don’t deliver good quality products. Good packaging and labelling will take your brand one step further from your competitors and help in building a positive brand reputation.

Textured labels create a brand identity.

More or less, the branding, packaging, and labelling of a product create a brand identity. If you have unique labelling that nobody else has, it will help customers identify your brands. People will associate the brand with the product labelling, and that’s what a genuine manufacturer wants.

How to get textured labelling for your product?

Unlike other printing methods, the labels are created separately using inkjet digital printing on the sheet of paper. The stickers are created with different textures, designs, and shapes based on the manufacturer’s preference. You can find a digital printing agency that creates luxury textured labels and place an order according to the total number of labels required.

You can select the quality, colour, message, texture type, and other features before placing an order. So, without further delay, start looking for potential digital printing companies near you to get quality labels for your product.

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