Here’s the question for you as a technology user, do you use standard support or a “one size fits all” approach for the security of your network, or do you have one solution that will manage all your security concerns effectively? All these questions will come in handy if you are an organization with linked systems. With the increased chances for threats and cyberattacks many UEM solutions have emerged that will overcome your concerns. Hexnode provides one-of-a-kind premium security solutions for Windows, Apple, macOS, Android, as well as fire OS.


Think about how many devices and endpoints any organization manages every day. From your desktop, or laptop to smartphones and tablets the variety is endless. The concept of the Internet of Things across the nations we are all well-connected through the cloud which also poses a huge risk. There is the risk of DDoS, firmware exploits, man-in-the-middle, data interception, unauthorized access, and whatnot. All of this can be a major threat especially if you are an organization having sensitive data.  That’s where Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) comes in to protect the future of your business. Let’s explore some of the benefits of UEM:

Better IT Security – Having a different security protocol for every device is simply not possible in this age, and the primary benefit of UEM is to give you all the tools to manage the endpoint ecosystem entirely with one product only. Through UEM security solutions like Hexnode, your IT administrator will implement a universal set of processes that will protect all devices.

Comprehensive Threat Control – A potential breach can cost you millions so your devices must be always monitored. Most UEM tools have advanced threat monitoring potential that will help you protect every endpoint as it will scan and analyze every element including malware, viruses, etc.

Simple Endpoint Management – It is pretty complex and time-consuming to manage multiple operating devices, configurations, and security profiles. UEM helps to simplify endpoint management by enforcing one security policy throughout.


Hexnode is an award-winning UEM solution that is trusted by many across the nation. With Hexnode you can manage it all with their Unified Policy Management, Zero-touch app deployment, multiple enterprise and technology integrations, remote troubleshooting, and app management are a few of the services provided at Hexnode UEM. You can also advertise better with digital signages, boost productivity with kiosk mode, track metrics, etc. With the wealth of functionality at Hexnode and being the market-leading endpoint solution, Hexnode has provided for not only small startups but also Fortune 100 corporations that include Loew’s, Target, EY, MERCK, etc. Hexnode also provides certification programs for its users and partners that include course materials from experts, unrestricted and on-demand access to Hexnode academy as well as practice exams and practical labs. This course is to aid in the information on the UEM market, product overview, and competitive environment. With Hexnode being your solution security threats are never an issue.

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