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Christmas lights, do you know how to choose the safest ones


Christmas is on the horizon: have you already thought of trees, Christmas decorations and lights? While the choice for decorations can be relatively easy, so it is not for Christmas lights. Christmas lights are distinguished by type of lights and effects, by shades and again by the number of lights and type of power supply. So how to choose? Through this guide we will clarify and lead you to the best choice for you with bulk christmas lights.

Outdoor or indoor Christmas lights?

When you decide to buy Christmas lights the first thing to decide where you want to place your new Christmas lights . In fact, there are outdoor Christmas lights in circulation, designed to withstand very humid environments as well as the typical atmospheric agents of the winter season, and indoor, designed to be placed indoors, to decorate the different rooms of the house and the tree .,

Indoor Christmas lights

To infuse your home with the true spirit of Christmas, you cannot fail to carefully choose the right Christmas lights. The choice of colors and the type of light decorations depends on your personal taste and the character you have chosen to give to the rooms of your home. Basically there are four types of Christmas lights that you can use at home:

  • mini LED bulbs , suitable for nativity scene, tree, furniture or fireplace;
  • light garlands for the tree;
  • luminous Christmas decorations that have the shape of Christmas symbols inside which the lights are positioned;
  • LED projector , to illuminate walls and create suggestive effects.
  • Indoor Christmas lights
Outdoor Christmas lights

The outdoor Christmas lights can be placed on parapets and facades, on existing trees in the garden or on hedges , or they can be placed in special Christmas decorations, with the most varied shapes to illuminate an external corner. There are different types of outdoor Christmas lights on the market:

  • luminous tubes : these are tubes in PVC or transparent and heat-resistant rubber, inside which run mono or multicolored lights;
  • light chains , with classic or LED lights;
  • light curtains : ideal for the facades of a house or company and designed to highlight the volume of the entire building by illuminating it;
  • outdoor light garlands : they are designed to withstand atmospheric agents. Suitable for decorating outdoor trees, hedges, but also windows, fences or gates.
How to choose the length of the light chain according to the tree

Probably you too, when you have to buy Christmas lights are seized by the doubt that grips many consumers: how many lights to buy ? Often, in fact, we find ourselves with insufficient Christmas lights compared to the tree, which force us to buy other luminous garlands. So how do you go about it?

The first thing to consider is the height of the tree . Usually, artificial Christmas trees are between 100cm and 400cm in size . Depending on the height of the tree, first choose a chain of suitable length . Secondly, you can opt for a chain with more lights if you want a denser and more intense light effect .

Which light color to prefer?

The choice of the light shade is another fundamental step when you find yourself buying Christmas lights. Wanting to divide the color of the lights into large categories we find:

  • warm lights : they are perfect for interiors if you want to give the surrounding environment a sense of magical warmth;
  • cold lights : they are preferred for the outdoors as the light is more dazzling, and can stand out better. They are also used indoors in very modern environments to amplify silver and blue decorations.
  • iridescent lights : they are recommended for light tubes, light curtains or light decorations, to be placed both indoors and outdoors. The peculiarity of these devices is that they automatically change the color of the light emitted at regular intervals.

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