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What Are The Different Types Of Glasses?


When you are new to the glasses world, you might not know the wide variety it offers.

At first, the only thing you needed was normal glasses with normal frames to see better and that was it.

Glasses may seem like simple accessories to you, however, there are different types of glasses and frames designed for an array of glorious purposes.

Lucky for you, this guide will provide all the information about glasses you may encounter in your life.

Different Types of Glasses

Prescription Glasses

These daily prescription glass lenses are the kind of lenses to correct your vision making it possible for nearsighted and farsighted folks to read, drive, and practice any sport.


Single-vision glasses contain lenses that rectify your vision in one way across the entire lens. For those of you who have a prescription for myopia (nearsightedness), a pair of single-vision daily prescription glasses could assist you to see objects that are far away.


Bifocal glasses are a type of multifocal glasses with lenses that are split into two zones, and can correct your vision in two ways! Generally, the top part of the lens allows you to see objects that are situated far away, and the bottom part allows you to see objects and read text closer to your face, with a distinguishable line between the two.

The different zones of a bifocal lens can be distinct shapes. Nowadays, a “flat top” design, with a semi-circle-shaped zone for near vision toward the bottom of the lens, is the most popular.


Trifocals are multifocal glasses that have three particular zones built into their lenses for different types of vision correction. In addition to the near-vision and distance-vision zone correction that bifocals retain, Trifocals also features a scale for intermediate distances, which assists you to see objects roughly an arm’s length away. The zones are also separated on the lens by observable lines.


Progressives are another type of multifocal glasses. Like bifocals and trifocals, they include more than one site of vision modification. However, in progressive lenses, these zones blend into one another more seamlessly, rather than keeping a visible line or border between them. This gradient approach implies that they can clear up vision as required at almost any distance.

Non-Prescription Glasses

You are not required to have difficulty seeing whatever you want or need a pair of glasses. These days, many people wear glasses without prescription lenses in them. Normally, it’s for style or making a fashion statement. But non-prescription glasses also offer safety or just a smidge of additional magnifying power to enhance your vision.

Reading Glasses

Reading glasses help to reduce the effects of presbyopia, Presbyopia, a fancy medical term for the ailment of your eyes. The lens of your eye becomes thicker and it becomes more difficult for your eye muscles to move as you age. When your eye lens can’t properly concentrate on light as easily as it was before, you have a hard time reading close-up text in books, newspapers, etc. So reading glasses provide a slight boost in magnification to make it easier for people to see and read as they age.

Non-prescription glasses

Non-prescription glasses are often referred to as fashion glasses, clear glasses, or fake glasses. The lenses in these pairs of glasses have no prescription or magnification. They’re purely for the sake of looking attractive or good. If you haven’t got any need for vision correction but still want to wear glasses for the sophistication and style they provide, then this type of glasses is for you.


Sunglasses are lenses that are slightly or heavily tinted to make it easier for us to see clearly in brightly lit places. There are multiple types of sunglasses available in the market, some with built-in prescriptions or magnification, others without it. But it’s ensured that you’ll look intriguingly mysterious in them either way.

Numerous sunglasses also have polarized lenses, which diminish glare and improve color contrast for even clearer vision.

Glasses for Digital Protection

A recent yet innovative idea, these types of glasses are signified to safeguard your eyes from the effects of heavy screen usage, and long hours of screen time – most notably digital eye strain.

Computer Glasses

Computer glasses, like any other kind of multifocal glasses, consist of a magnification zone that is installed in the lens. It helps you focus on your computer screen without straining your eyes or causing headaches. Generally, this zone targets an area about two feet away from your face.

Computer glasses are known by many other names such as – anti-fatigue glasses, office glasses, workplace glasses, and intermediate glasses

Blue Light Glasses

They are also dubbed as blue-light-blocking glasses. These glasses filter out some of the blue light elicited by screens and thereby prevent it from entering your eye and causing eye strain.

Different Types of Frames

Several types of glasses frames come in a variety of measurements and are made to suit your face the best.

Full-Rimmed Frames

Full-rimmed frames entirely enclose the lenses for a bold, seamless look. The frames themselves might be thick or thin, colorful or black and white. The sole thing is that they go all the way around your eyes.

Semi-Rimless Frames

Semi-rimless frames typically don’t surround the bottom portion of the lenses. They’re a bit more light than full-rimmed frames, and naturally mimic the outline of natural eyebrows.

Rimless Frames

Rimless frames leave the lenses without any borders. They’re the lightest option, but also the most fragile and delicate.

Low Bridge Fit Frames

Low Bridge Fit frames are designed for people whose nose bridge sits even with or below the pupils of their eyes. Low Bridge Fit frames have larger nose pads for more comfort. They are slightly angled lenses so that they won’t sit directly on your cheekbones, and temples and have a subtle arch that makes them a great option for a comfier fit.


Glasses and frames come in a variety of types and brands. Find the one that suffices your needs and fits your face the best.

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