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The Facility Of Home Loan Provider


Smart Towkay is a large platform to connect SMEs with different banks and alternative lenders. The financial products are related to the connection of SMEs, and they question other things to their representatives. The growing community of experts provides information and knowledge to those who require this help and assistance. They work with the top banks of Singapore to connect the SMEs with different information related to their business requirements. The banks fulfil the financial needs of the SMEs in collaboration with Smart Towkay. The banks developed with the financial help of customers have to be compared before making any financial decision.

The financial decision has to be compared with other available alternatives. Smart-Towkay has provided an opportunity to compare the facilities provided by other banks in Singapore. Home loan compare Singapore can be facilitated with the support of Smart-Towkay. A home or residential loan, which seems to be very important to a person, has to be taken from a trusted and responsible bank. Smart-Towkay has allowed comparing the home loan facilities provided by many banks in Singapore. To compare the home loan provided by banks in Singapore, the property valuation, estate report, and refinancing have to be considered. The residential loan rates can be compared among the top banks of Singapore to provide adequate information to the customers.

HSBC has provided the interest rates in terms of 1-4 years which vary from 0.700% to 1.250%. Monthly payment interest varies from 0.85% to 1.40%. They communicate with the lenders at any time at their meeting of queries. Standard Chartered has conducted the home loan guidelines of 0.96% interest rate of average 2 years. DBS has given the same rate of interest as Standard chartered, 0.96% for 2 years. OCBC business loan, which is the temporary bridging loan, can be provided by UOB bank. The interest rate of UOB is 3.25%, and the total interest depends on $2,545. The processing fee of this bank is 1.5-2%, but there is no penalty fee. The ODBC temporary bridging loan interest is 3.5%, and the total interest is $2,744. The payment would be $1,465, and processing fees vary 1-2%. The bank assistants give these details of OCBC business loan information with adequate query solving. The lender will be provided with information related to their loan sanction.

The acceptance and validity of home loans, monthly payment, and yearly turnover has been guided by the responsible persons appointed at Smart Towkay. In this organization, comparing home loans is very easy and cooperative. The time consuming compares and less facilitated processes have not been entertained in this organization. Residential loan processes have been properly informed by the people who will serve them according to their needs. Smart-Towkay has responsibly guided the clients to choose appropriate bank options for them to collaborate with their facilities and information details.

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