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Why Does Your Credit Score Affect Your Car Loan Refinancing?


Borrowing money for large purchases has become the standard way to do business. A few people may be willing to save their money and wait, but most people would instead enjoy life now.

There are times when income is too low to pay bills, leading to bad credit. For example, it can affect any loans or financing options available, and it can even affect the process of refinancing an auto loan. It can make it more difficult to find a lender, it can raise the interest rate, it may reduce payments, and the lender may require a co-signer before approving a new loan. As stated by Lantern by SoFi, “Whenever car loan interest rates are down could be a good time to refinance your car.”

Finding a Lender

When it comes to borrowing cold, hard cash for anything, lenders are looking for people able to pay back the money with interest. They assess each potential client by their ability to pay, then assign them a risk factor. Finding a lender in this arena may be difficult for those with bad credit.

Almost any lender should be willing to consider a loan, but the right lender will have options available for those with poor or bad credit. It can ask questions about the interest rate and the cost of the loan overall, and it may even pay to ask for a referral if turned down for refinancing.

Higher Interest Rates

Those with bad credit often face a steeper climb for money, which can be reflected in higher interest rates. Those with the best credit pay less, yet that does not mean refinancing should be avoided. Instead, lenders are taking the risk of loaning money, and they prepare for taking that risk by requiring a higher rate of return.

Loan defaults are covered by interest, so that is one reason those with poor credit pay higher rates. They may default, but the lender is willing to provide them with an opportunity to pay off the loan at a higher cost.

Possibility of Lower Payments

A sudden loss of income is often why credit scores go down, and lenders understand it can create havoc with any budget. Some of them may offer loans with a longer time to repay to give borrowers the possibility of lower payments as they get back on their feet.

While bad credit may make interest higher, securing a loan over a more extended period may significantly reduce monthly payments. As borrowers’ credit is repaired, they may again consider refinancing with another lender at a lower credit rate. This is an excellent way to repair and build credit while getting some breathing room from high credit payments.

A Co-signer

Some lenders may require another person with better credit to sign for the loan. If a borrower defaults, this allows the lender to get their money from the co-signer. It may be the only way to refinance auto loan with bad credit, but the experts at Lantern Credit have found this can help secure a loan quicker and easier.

Refinancing with bad credit can be difficult, but lenders are willing to help. It may be more costly to borrow, but the breathing room of lower payments may make it easier to pay off the loan while building better credit.

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