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When Your Insurance Company Excludes Water Damage


Water damage in the home is inevitable. The smallest problem can result in thousands of dollars in water damage repair costs. When you experience water damage in the home, the first thing that comes to mind is to contact your insurance company in the hopes that they will come through for you. Understanding the fine printings in your homeowner’s insurance policy can save you a lot of stress in navigating the insurance process.

However, there are instances when you might not qualify for compensation for water damage repair works. If your insurance policy is missing a specific water damage clause or flood coverage, then you might be unable to get compensated.

Here are other instances when your homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover water damage.

Lack of Proper Maintenance Culture

Many homeowners feel relaxed when it comes to property maintenance because they believe any damage incurred is the responsibility of the insurance company. But the truth is that you won’t get a penny if it’s detected that the water damage is a result of an act of negligence. It is the responsibility of a property owner to maintain the health and integrity of their plumbing system, roof, foundation, and everything else.

If your pipes become faulty due to lack of maintenance or your gutters get clogged due to dead leaves, your insurance company might leave you to slug it out yourself. Fixing these damages is your sole responsibility. Your insurance company will cite improper maintenance culture as the reason for backing out.

Mold Problems and Rot

Mold growth, fungal infestation, and rot are a result of aging or lack of good maintenance. Once the cause of the water damage is linked to poor maintenance, it is likely that your insurance company might avoid compensating you for the damage.

Exposure to mold growth in the home can cause a wide range of health problems for residents. Under the right condition, mold can germinate from a spore into an active colony within 48 hours.

Most states and municipalities have new laws that stipulate that homeowners must disclose if there is a mold problem before putting the property up for sale. If you had once attempted to remediate mold with the aid of a professional mold removal company and provided accurate documentation to back up your claim, your insurance company might decide to reconsider covering the cost of the repair job. In addition, it gives the buyer peace of mind knowing that they are purchasing a mold-free property.

Ice Dams

Ice dams are a common sight during the winter season. You can always prevent ice dam buildup by cleaning heavy snow after a storm. If you pay little attention to roof maintenance, particularly during winter seasons, your insurance company might not cover water damage repair costs caused by ice dams.

Basically, your insurance company will not cover water damage repair and maintenance caused by an act of negligence. Prior to compensating you, they will conduct a field investigation to ascertain the true cause of the water damage. If it’s no fault of yours, then you are entitled to compensation.

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