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Tire shredding machine Perfect for chopping up tires into fine pieces


Here at CM Shredders, we make the best equipment for tire shredding and provide customer services for maintaining a good tire shredding business. At CM, we offer a wide variety of heavy-duty shredding machines ready for durability testing at your site. Visit our web page to learn more about our products and read what we say about our equipment.

CM designs and manufactures equipment for the tire-shredding industry worldwide. The company believes in developing long-term partnerships with its customers and providing reliable service for maintaining good business practices for the long term.

CM Shredders, the industry’s leading manufacturer of tire shredding equipment, offers a complete line of systems designed to process passenger, truck, super single, and monolithic off-road tires. CM’s state-of-the-art equipment and techniques allow companies to efficiently and cost-effectively process scrap tires into materials.

CM manufactures tire shredders and many other waste recycling machines in the USA. We focus on customer relationships and providing quality services as well as equipment. Please check out our website for more information about tire shredding, and we would be happy to provide you with any information or help you need.

CM provides the best quality products at the lowest price. We give the customer better service than other companies who sell shredders and keep their customers happy by showing them tire shredding machine work.

To support the growing recycling of our landfills, CM Tire Shredders manufactures equipment that helps in tire recycling. We make equipment for rubber crumb and fine rubber powder used in manufacturing new tires, playground surfaces, rubber mats, and other molded or extruded rubber products. In addition to shredding tires, we also slice conveyor belting from mining companies, used mining equipment tires, and other hard to recycle materials.

As one of the most trusted names in the industry, CM has built a reputation for making tough equipment that is priced right and made to last. Our line of high-performance tire recycling machines delivers excellent performance and low operating cost, so you can save money while producing quality products.

CM Shredders, the manufacturing leader in industrial shredding and recycling systems, has engineered the most versatile tire shredding machine with complete versatility. Shred truck tires, car and passenger tires, super single, farm implement, and OTR tires alike.

CM designs and builds shredders, chippers, and granulators to meet the specific needs of recycling yards, waste management companies and MRFs (material recovery facilities). Our robust product line includes equipment for tire reduction and processing and an extensive line of all-purpose shredders and grinders.

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