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Everything to know about casual employment agreement templates


Casual employment is a type of employment where the employer can alter the working hours and the employee’s employment status. The employee will have to work in the given set hours by the employer, and there is very little commitment between them. The employee can receive higher rates than an on-roll employee, but their rights are different. At present, many companies enjoy hiring casual employees. But before any business employs them, they must make a written agreement. After all, a written agreement is better than an oral agreement and provides every minor detail about the job. The casual employment agreement or the casual employment contract template is a better and easy method of attaining a legal document. You can also take the help of your legal advisor before writing or designing the template document. Although these templates are available online, you can learn what to include and the benefits. Before that, you can know what a casual employment contract is.

What is a casual employment contract?

The casual employment contract describes the engagement with the employer and the casual employee in writing. This engagement is made temporary to match the business requirements. Although the casual employee works similar regular hours as other permanent employees, the contract must clearly state the casual employee does not have the same rights as the “on-roll” employees. It is essential to specify the employment conditions to avoid any arguments or disputes in the future.

What should be included in the casual employment contract templates?

It is always better to make a checklist before designing or writing a casual employment contract as a business. You will find several templates in online stores that allow you to pay and purchase. Well, it is necessary to read them thoroughly and make changes if required. The following should be included in the contract.

  1. Wages or salary: The wages or salary must be clearly mentioned in the contract. You can mention the hourly rates on regular working days and holidays. A lower than minimum wage must not be offered to casual employees. The average salary of the employees in Australia is 35.88 dollars per hour.
  2. Schedule: You can include the standard hours in the casual employment agreement template. But what if your business can work on flexible schedules? You can mention the time ranges of the flexible schedule hours as well.
  3. Job position and title: The job position and title of the casual employee must be specified in the contract.
  4. Probationary period: Not all employers provide a probationary period to casual employees. So, if you are planning to offer them training and test their performance, you can mention the number of months. Generally, the probationary period lasts for 3 to 6 months.
  5. Duties and responsibilities: The agreement must clearly mention the duties and responsibilities of the casual employee.
  6. Termination of employment: The casual employment contract must have a termination clause. The grounds and terms of termination will have to be specified, and the casual employee must learn about them.
  7. Confidentiality and non-disclosure: If the casual employees have specific duties and responsibilities that make them aware of the company’s confidential information, it is a must to add the confidentiality and non-disclosure clause.

What are the benefits of using casual employment contract templates?

Although you might have the urge to get help from a professional, the templates available online are sufficient written agreement. It is easy to download from your laptop or computer. It also helps you save time because most of the information is available in the written contract, making it easy to fill in other details. What’s more, they are easily accessible and incredibly affordable to obtain. Also, this document is crucial since it offers clarity and provides proof of details.

Conclusion: Online templates are an excellent option for straightforward, simple and standard legal forms. Make sure that the employment details are stated clearly to allow the casual employee to understand the roles and responsibilities of the company.

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