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Benefits Of Good Quality Basketball Shoes


Basketball is one of the most popular sports worldwide, and young generation of today love to play it. In a basketball match, basketball shoes are the most important factor. Wearing good quality basketball shoes helps a player to play well with good comfort and fewer injury worries.

Advantages Of Perfectly Fitted Basketball Shoes

  1. A perfect pair of shoes will help a player to move smoothly on the basketball court.
  2. A good show also helps improve a player’s skill.
  3. A good quality basketball shoe also improves the dribbling ability of a basketball player.
  4. A basketball shoe made from good quality material improves the shoe’s breathability,which keeps the feet fresh and refreshing during playing.
  5. A basketball shoe should be well cautioned to keep the player’s feet injury free.

Points To Keep In Mind While Purchasing Basketball Shoes 

  1. For All-Round Players:In a basketball match, if a player plays an all-around player, he needs both good traction force and cushioning from his shoes. An all-around player in basketball needs a moderate cushioning level and top-notch traction force in his basketball shoes. The shoe has an excellent outer sole to have excellent traction force. The outer sole has to provide excellent grip while playing the player; itshould be made from a good, rubberised material.
  2. For The Fast Players: A lightweight shoe is always recommended for a player with a fast-game-playing technique. They should be of lower-cut shape profile to give the player a better grip. While playing, shoes with lower-cut grip give more stability. Wearing a lightweight shoe helps the player to run faster and dribble more smoothly.
  3. For The Aggressive Players:Shoes with better traction force and cushioning are also recommended for playerswith an aggressive playing style. To get extra cushioning, players must see the quality of the midsole of a shoe. Giving extra cushioning and comfort is the two basic needs for players with aggressive playing technique.

Quality Of The Shoes

  1. Upper Portion: To have more stability and protection while playing, the upper portion of the basketball shoehas to be of good material. The material of the upper portion should be pretty durable and also for keeping feet fresh and breathable. Shoes made from leather and synthetic mesh are the best for players because they offerdurability and breathability. Basketball shoes can be with laces or straps. Choose depending on your comfort and needs.
  2. Mid Sole: In a basketball shoe, the midsole is the most vital part as it absorbs the impact forces and body weight of the player. Mid Soles can be made from several materials, but the material should be tough and durable. Several brands startedto make midsoles of shoes from modern technologies for better impact in a game. Mid soles made from Polyurethane are the best as it gives excellent durability with cushioning.
  3. Outer Sole: The outer sole of basketball shoeshas to be durable and should provide excellent grip to a player while playing. Soles with herringbone patterns are the most demanded among all as they give the best amount of grip and in basketball, having a good foot grip is essential. A good grip shoe gives any basketball player excellent control and stability while making quick moves and dribbling.

Basketball is a very popular game, and many people love to enjoy quick action. But a player cannot give his best without good and proper shoes. That is why for a basketball player, following these tips while buying can be helpful to become a legend one day.

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