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A Complete Guide to Central Bank of India Share Price, IFSC Code, and More


Keeping up with the most recent information about banks and their financial instruments is crucial for both investors and account holders in the quickly changing financial landscape of today. For many years, the Central Bank of India, one of the country’s oldest and most reputable banks, has served as a pillar of economic stability. We will examine important facets of the Central Bank of India in this post, such as its share price, IFSC code, and more.

Price of shares of Central Bank of India

Like all publicly listed businesses, the central bank share price changes in response to market conditions. The share price of the Central Bank of India is 51.25┬áINR as of 30-09-2023. It is critical to realize that this number is subject to quick changes due to a number of variables, such as the state of the economy, the bank’s financial health, and market sentiment. Before making an investment decision, investors and potential investors should stay current with real-time stock market data and speak with financial specialists.

Factors Affecting the Share Price of the Central Bank of India

  • Economic Situation: The central bank of india share price can be considerably impacted by India’s general economic condition. Share prices and investor confidence may be impacted by variables including GDP growth, inflation rates, and Reserve Bank of India’s monetary policies.
  • Financial Performance of the Bank: The share price of the Central Bank of India is significantly influenced by the bank’s financial performance, which includes elements like net profit, non-performing assets (NPAs), and capital sufficiency. Investors carefully examine quarterly and annual reports to judge the stability and possibilities for expansion of the bank.
  • Global and Domestic Events: Events on the domestic and international stages can affect share prices and, consequently, investor sentiment. The performance of the stock of the Central Bank of India can be impacted by geopolitical unrest, global economic trends, and regulatory changes.
  • Trends in the Banking Sector: The Central Bank of India’s stock price may be impacted by the state of the country’s broader banking industry. Investors frequently assess a bank’s competitiveness by comparing its performance to that of its competitors.

India’s Central Bank Share

central bank of india share can be bought on Indian stock exchanges, just like shares of many other publicly traded firms. Brokers or internet trading platforms are two places where investors can purchase these shares. A vote of confidence in the bank’s activities and future prospects can be expressed by owning shares of the Central Bank of India in addition to being a prospective investment.

IFSC code for Central Bank of India

Any banking transaction in India must include the Indian Financial System Code (IFSC), especially for internet banking and electronic fund transfers. An individual IFSC code is assigned to each branch of a bank, including the Central Bank of India. The 11-character IFSC code makes it possible to transfer money securely and quickly.

On the bank’s official website or in a number of different online IFSC code directories, you can quickly find the central bank of india ifsc code. To guarantee that money transfers to the designated recipient go smoothly, it is crucial to input the correct IFSC code when starting a transaction.

Indian Central Bank: A Quick Overview

One of the oldest and most well-known banks in India was founded in 1911 and is called the Central Bank of India. It serves millions of customers nationwide with a huge network of branches and ATMs. The bank provides a vast array of loans, credit cards, savings and current accounts, as well as other banking and financial services.

The Central Bank of India is dedicated to increasing financial inclusion and has been instrumental in fostering economic growth, particularly in rural and semi-urban areas. It is a popular option for both people and companies due to its commitment to customer service and innovative banking products.


For investors and account holders, it’s critical to be educated about important features of banks like the Central Bank of India in the fast-paced world of finance. Making wise financial decisions requires keeping an eye on the bank’s share price, utilizing the proper IFSC code for transactions, and being aware of the variables affecting share values. The Central Bank of India continues to be a dependable companion in your financial journey, whether you are an investor aiming to increase your fortune or a client seeking effective banking services.

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